Fine-tuned Autopilot intervals [FEAT - 1315]

I currently have the custom Autopilot interval set to the end of each month minus one day so that the update happens on the second to last day of each month and that the last day can be spent reviewing and updating custom reports per site. However, as we all know, the number of days per month is between 28 and 31 depending on the month and whether there’s a leap year (February 29th). As a compromise, I chose the 27th for each site so that, in a non-leap-year February, maintenance happens on the second to last day of the month.

The problem is that this leaves a 3 to 4-day gap at the end of each of the other months (and a 2-day gap in a leap-year February) where I sometimes need to do a second update on the 28th or 30th to make sure the sites are as updated as possible.

I guess what I’m asking is if someday there could be a more selective set of controls for custom intervals of recurring updates so that the timing can be more finely tuned to variable month-end dates. Not sure what that would look like as a UI design in Autopilot.

Thanks for sharing this @rob.watson! :star2:

Let me submit this FEAT Request & see what we can do here!